Protect yourself
from the danger
of rental scams

Rental scams cost Canadians over $265,000 in 2023 alone. Make sure you’re shielded from danger this year with verified landlords & listings on

Here's how we protect renters

Verified Profile

Verified landlords

We manually verify landlords’ identities by matching their photo ID to a user-uploaded selfie.

Verified Listing

Verified listings

Listings are verified either by a one-time code in a mailed postcard, or by checking land title documents.

Platform Security

Platform security

All documents, contracts, and transactions sent & stored on are secured with AES-256-CTR encryption. We’ll never sell your data.

Report Scam-1

Report a listing

For your security, reported listings are suspended until landlords provide proof of ownership to our Client Success Team. 

How does's verification process work?

2 Options to Verify Listings employs strict, multi-layered verification processes to ensure total safety on our platform. Here’s how we verify landlords:

1. As part of the sign-up process, we verify phone numbers through carrier verification and email addresses through a confirmation link.

2. We also request that landlords submit both a piece of valid, government-issued photo ID, which one of our team members manually matches to a user-uploaded selfie. Landlords can only post listings on once they have been verified.

3. For property managers, brokers, Realtors, or businesses, we verify that they possess the applicable license.

1. Landlords can verify their property by securely uploading documentation that proves their ownership of the listed property, like land title documents or property tax forms.

2. We mail a postcard containing a one-time code to the listed property’s address. Landlords must enter this code on to complete the verification process.

For listings that aren’t verified by either of these methods, landlords are sent an SMS code which they must enter online before their listing is posted. Listings verified in this way will have a “Not Verified” warning.

Why verification is so important?

Rental scams are becoming more prevalent and more complex every day. To keep renters safe in an increasingly perilous environment, has led that charge in enforcing strict, multi-layered verification processes and extensive data security protocols. Discover an easier, safer way to rent. 

4 out of 10 people who encounter rental scams fall for one

(Better Business Bureau, 2022)

Rental scams are #7 in top 10 riskiest scams targeting Canadians

(Better Business Bureau, 2022)

The estimated
average monetary loss is $1499

(CAFC, 2023)

Canadians lost over $721,952 due to rental scams

(CAFC, 2023)’s Rental Scams Resource Hub

Learn more about why rental scams matter, types of scams, and how to avoid them with’s new Rental Scams Resource Hub. Here, you’ll find the latest updates on common scams, stories from fellow renters, red flags, and tips for verifying whether you’re dealing with a fake landlord or listing.