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Trusted Landlords

Renting shouldn’t be a guessing game. Look out for the verified icons to know exactly which listings and landlords are verified by government-issued ID or land title.


Verified Landlords

Landlords with this icon mean that we verified their profile with a piece of government-issued ID matching their selfie. 


Verified Listings

Listings with this icon were verified by land title documents or by postcard to prove that it truly belongs to the listed landlord. 


Platform Security

All documents, contracts, and transactions sent and stored on the platform are secured with AES-256-CTR encryption. 

$37,561,457: loss associated with rental scams

Better Business Bureau, 2019 has extra layers of protection you don’t find anywhere else. With verified listings, scams are a thing of the past. Our layered security means your personal information is always safe. Search for your next home stress-free thanks to our extensive verification processes and get excited about renting again.  

What verified renters are saying about us​

"The best thing about is the verified listings; I noticed this during my first search and since then, I've used exclusively.

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